I just want to say thank you. I sincerely recommend the website www. weebly.com, for it has really helped me create this website.

I will keep everyone updated on lots of stuff like news, weather, and supply the occasional free download. I just created this website on July 28th 2008 and there will be no segregation between members and visitors, for member will not be an option. All downloads on this website are free and can be used using common programs supplied by Windows XP unless one of the downloads IS a program not supplied by Windows XP you will find various stuff, like recipes, jokes, to reccomendations for the latest styles.Keep visiting!

Download 1: Music!

I got this WAV from a movie that I downloaded on my computer. I would like to name this clip: "George Bush Gets Old Fashioned." Free download, no viruses.

File Size: 1635 kb
File Type: mp3
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